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MATI MUDA DI PELUKAN JANDA 2011(Latest Film Indonesia)

. Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

MATI MUDA DI PELUKAN JANDA 2011(Latest Film Indonesia)

Director: Helfi Kardit
Production: Creation Mega Center, 2011


When you highlight social themes in her comedy of this country, tipikalisme character is difficult to avoid. That's like assuming that the film is a reflection of national life, although sometimes we are embarrassed, like elements slut, cheating, drugs, rape and so on, which is almost always present in our films. In the context of criticism and social satire in the film, filmmakers Indonesia recorded two of the most vocal in their criticism. There Syumandjaja only for drama, and comedy on the box, his' Abbas Wing. When tipikalisme character and the problem was present through their hands, feelnya not just 'brain exhibition dirty' filmmakers, other filmmakers. Sarcasm hit, and this tipikalisme so mean. So, do not always mean it's wrong cliches.
'Dying Young Widows at Hugs' which as usual, was born with an abundance of commercial-style bombastisme our film from producers, sorry - not racial, India, in fact also uses elements of typical characters are more to his' Abbas Wing in the organization of social comedy of the scenario written by Hilman Mutations (yes, that's his name) with Team Star Timut (err.. yes, his name also did it, use the 't'). Here they are: the widows, transvestites, the village, past security guard is now a little more cool, Satpol PP, nyeleneh officials, drivers, sidewalk vendors, and others. The moral? Yes, let's call it that because there was no other term in our vocabulary. Yes definitely there, even if only so the reason for the build-lucuannya funny. Wrong? Not really. Just as his' Abbas Wing is an all-out makes the characters were so relentless, but the insinuation taxable. Partly even quite uplifting. This example, transgender women who try to be good and normal socializing in the neighborhood. The women left behind a husband who tries to survive with small businesses. Or officer Satpol PP-minded (if any) are always avoid disturbing when raided. But yes if built correctly, not the origin, or initially would eventually become true origin. And it's not necessary to write the message word for word as an epilogue that as if to awaken the people who are not all unconscious. Never mind that, if true, the message is also going up.
And about the widow? For some reason, the word also is no other equivalent in our language, either because the oriental custom should completely polite and mannerly, it often gets a negative connotation. So then when some women's status and then, yes, this really happened, protested the parts sexy actress Shinta Bachir represented here, yes it's perfectly natural. But do not waste time lah, arms spread out on the producer's already ending epilogue that 'oh my god' it's stupid, which indeed seems and tendency is hedged. Shankar and RS which again returned as executive producer with various quotes and its tagline, like 'Warning (dots followed by three exclamation marks) Ting-Ting forbidden virgin watching (the exclamation mark again three times)' and 22 Sept 2011 'Main' (yes, with quotation marks mean that you must know in which direction) in the cinema. Together with the title and an epilogue that 'oh dear', whether it was Shankar who is credited this time chose to use his name alay, Shanx RS, never aspired to write a joke book or a beautiful poem, the result remains the same. Not just dirty, but crisp.
Although adopted by a transgender named Flower (Julia Robex; one another, that's his name), Grace (Ihsan Tarore) grow into a good boy in her neighborhood. Not only the obedience, he also likes to help others. Behind its shortcomings, Flowers was trying to be a mother and a good citizen for the grace and the environment. He opened a small salon that provides make-up courses for locals. Because of that, the locals treat them equally well. The grace of everyday familiar with Bento (Vijey F. Sadiansyah), a powerful drug sellers and street vendors assistant tomboy mother (Dominique Stevie Jolie) is finally beginning to approach a widow named Ruth (Ayu Pratiwi), the widowed husband and is now open tailoring business for locals. Because Ruth confessed love with a man in uniform, finally sign up to Rahmat was a Satpol PP. Goodness Grace who always mediate officers with street hawkers who make a fuss when a raid boss, Suratan bin Fate (Joe P Project) appointed him as head of the raid, which makes so jealous aide to the chairman. When Rahmat help Mpok Sari (Shinta Bachir), coquettish widow stall owner who is also a plus-plus (whether official or PSK covert deposits, not explained further, perhaps also because of the protests) in a raid, Sari who has long put a heart to him becomes more intense. Knowing Grace began a relationship with Ruth, Sari was designing a libel in cooperation with the aide who was also resentment at Grace. And comes the Epilogue, 'not all widows blah blah blah ... there is also that maintains her honor and blah blah blah ...'. Yeah, right.
With all the elements that build the plot, which frankly, if executed correctly can be a social satire comedy funny, at least classmates 'Marriage Contract' is pretty good behind the 'ngeres-ngeres' wares was, Dying Young, has already been initiated pretty well. The opening section which showcases businesses take care of a transgender child with a mother's loving it, though seasoned comedy or a cry-cry even once, just to be different in the hands of the cast is former Miss Julia Robex transvestite whose real name is Baby W. Nasroen this. Want nyeleneh how well, these roles are always so inceran transgender actors us all the time, as reportedly Edo Borne and Yama Carlos also had wanted to portray flowers here. Ihsan acting that we saw a glimpse of 'The Enlightenment', along Vijey, Ayu and Stevie and a few supporting roles, including Joe P Project also take it easy but reasonable. Together with a flowing breakaway comedy, the parts become Satpol Ihsan heartless PPs when a raid, while his superior forgiveness and the grace which gives uniform apple without a uniform because his mother insisted on washing and can not dry them with hair-dryer was as good tilled immediately Helfi in the delivery scene in sync with his message.
But the script (I believe it's at the instigation of the producers) do not want to linger a good foundation stay on it. They prefer a theme appropriate title that would only berbanyol-wag with cleavage Shinta Bachir who wandered to and fro with excessive exploitation that ended up so nauseating. Not to mention the status of transgender Flowers that was originally built as uplifting was half dead so tampered with the scene called dialogue with 'Otong-otongan' not all that important. When the choice of a major portion of the conflict of two competing single widow is held by critics porn videos via mobile phones have become so stale, the movie was not saved anymore. The red thread is lost, and as usual, our writers are always looking for conflict resolution and the reaction is not completely fair. As fast as turning the palm of the hand and awfully bombastic, the cast of additional police again tomorrow to be funny but not out of place even more to sink deep into the basic quality. Wrong again, some good cast it still continues to try acting in the midst of the chaos that exists. Want our film reform movement is also under way with the good-good-filmmakers by filmmakers who have a heart and brain, this is one who can not and probably will never be thrown away. Hard to choose a good path for the consideration of the bag.
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