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Crows Zero 3 Will Soon Release

. Kamis, 29 September 2011

Crows Zero 3 Will Soon Release After the success of crows zero 1 and crows zero 2, scheduled to release crows zero 3. Only true up to now no one really knew what the story Crows Zero 3. Is Genji Takiya, Serizawa, rindaman, et al will be back in action in crows zero 3, you definitely fans of this film are often looking for news of when the crows zero 3 will be released, Curious!
Crows Zero is a film adaptation of the comic titled Crows, by Takashi Hiroshi. For those who see the movie first and then the comic would be confused (like me), because there are a lot of difference there. Moreover for the fans of Genji Takiya which the hero must confius kok gag even appear in the comic (he's the story of the comic), as well as the Serizawa et al. Cuman comic version still showing high school and The Monster Rindaman Suzuran.

Genji vs. Rindaman

Here's an explanation like this ... ... ..
Crows Zero Movie 1 ama 2 turned out to take the setting of one year before that is in the comic version. According to the comic version, Rindaman already in class 3, while the film is still in second grade. So it is natural if the comic ga ditemuin Genji and Serizawa.
You could say the film Crows Zero is an adaptation that does not fully translate from comics. But the gag is also arguably stray far from comic. For the uninitiated, the comic version, there are two Crows Zero, Crows equal Worst. The legend says Genji sempet Worst appeared in the series, which according to the groove itungannya one year after the Crows, it means two years of graduate Genji (also not finished I read it .. hehe)
Like what Crow Zero 3?
Two Crows Zero movie series received overwhelming response from fans around the world. So many requests to be made trilogynya. Indeed, so far there has been no news as to what Crowz Zero 3, but considering this film is an adaptation of the comic so that fans can expect-ira like what the third series ..
Since the film Crows Zero high school kids might tell Suzuran so kagak Genji (which already alumni), at the end of the film when ngelawan Rindaman he also said if gag penah will always return to Suzuran. According to estimates, Crows Zero 3 will be returned to the original version of the comic.
And going to tell Rindaman lunge, and a continuation perseturuan between Suzuran and Housen which led Tatsuya Bitou going tomorrow, there will be a new figure moving like Genji's first named Harumichi Bouya.

Harumichi Bouya

If the comic, this Bouya main character, besides Rindaman too. Version of the comic scenes featuring lots of comedy, Bouya itself appears, seems to have similarities with the character Sakuragi Hanamichi slam dunk.
Bouya also has great power, able to compensate Rindaman. Now suppose is the third series appeared likely to tell Bouya. From here then there is an argument if Crows Zero 3 more more jokes and silly character behavior. Hmm ... could be yes it could be baseball, considering that director Takashi Miike in two early films featuring a gothic atmosphere, the latter even bercandanya very little.
Here are figures about going to appear in Crows Zero 3:1. Rindaman2. Harumichi Bouya3. Bitou Tatsuya, Housen The Next Leader?

Bitou Tatsuya

These three figures above are most likely to appear in Crows Zero 3, but it would not be known going to like what the third series. Would like to focus on "internal conflict" in Suzuran between Rindaman against Bouya, or even want to direct nampilin Housen kids who wanted to avenge the defeat of their leader's death well in advance.
Possibility (again) when series 3 SMA Suzuran ntar gag will sekumuh that yesterday-yesterday. Because the second series it already burned at the Washio ...
What is clear, if really want to be returned as the comic series, there will be a new challenge to replace the previous success of the main characters are cool abiz Shun Oguri as Genji Takiya plays.
Crows Zero 3 New Info!
Based on the info I got from one of the fan page crows zero, stated:

There will be a Crows Zero 3, Crows Zero is a trilogy

This means Crows Zero 3 is definitely going to be made. So for the fans not to worry, will the continuation of the story of high school Suzuran.
But ...

The film scheduled for late 2011 were denied, it seems that Takashi Miike (director) favors the shooting of two other films in place of that of CR3.
So brothers and sisters, the highly anticipated Crows Zero will not come out in the near future, there are new possibilities emerging in the next year 2012 ..
yaaaah ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
This news seems dismissed the notion that the Crows Zero 3 is currently being produced ...
For those who want to see the rest of the story Sma Suzuran can really see in the comic, under the title Crows.
So, to question Crows Zero Movie 3 release 2011 or 2012? Crows Zero 3 Will Soon Release we'll wait together. Ga just you, krisna also want to watch crows zero + download 3 as soon as possible ... hehe
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LeeMinHoSexy mengatakan...

I want Crows Zero 3 to come out soooo freakin BAD! It's like, best fuckin series of all time!

aa cecep nursamsi mengatakan...

how do I download it

Anonim mengatakan...

piece of shit

Anonim mengatakan...

i can't wait to watch crows zero 3.the movie will be incomplete without crows zero 3.

TERMINATOR mengatakan...

I think Serizawa is better than Genji in lead role.... Genji looks like an junkee .. but serizawa is a real deal... so please director or whatever make serizawa the leader

Anonim mengatakan...


.. mengatakan...

Harumichi will kick genji's ass. He is on par with Rindaman in terms of strength (draw) as well as taking on Housen, Armament and other baddies.

Anonim mengatakan...

kailam lata

coyboy mengatakan...

Serizawa must be the next leader and he should beat the rindaman too!

Anonim mengatakan...

@coyboy very funny never read the manga do you? Hope cz3 release with bouya inside love that crazy blonde monkey

irizjoi mengatakan...

oh.. my. can't wait to watch this!!!

Anup Dey mengatakan...

I want to see Crows Zero 3 at any cost... Bcoz i Luv dis movie very very very very 100000000000000000000000000000000000000s of very much

Anonim mengatakan...

Anup dey is a mad

Anonim mengatakan...

Crows zero 3 is coming in 2014

Anonim mengatakan...

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lhangum jangmin kuki mengatakan...

eagerly waiting for cz3, alot of inspiring message comes to me while watching this movie..

lhangum jangmin kuki mengatakan...

i like tsutsumoto, cool acting!

Peka khawlhring mengatakan...

Does any have the crows zero 3 trailer? Or where can I get it?

Peka khawlhring mengatakan...

Hiromi Kirishima is superb,no one could make him to follow them even serizawa and genji. :)

:X ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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